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1 The XCLAMS open source project is governed by its [[Committers>>Community.Committership]]. All important rules are decided by the XCLAMS committers, for the sake of the XCLAMS project and its community. Most of the rules are the ones from the [[XWiki Community>>dev:Community.Governance]].
3 == XCLAMS Governance ==
5 Here are the rules related to the XCLAMS Governance that the XCLAMS project follows:
7 * is hosted the XWiki Community and controlled by the XCLAMS committers. This means that important changes brought to it should be discussed/voted on the list, using the same practices as for code commits.
8 * stays open in edit mode to all external contributors (and XWiki and XCLAMS committers continue to monitor it to remove spam, fix problems, do gardening, etc)
9 * No commercial listing is allowed at this point on the Wiki. The users of the XCLAMS project, including public web site can list themselves in the [[References section>>References.WebHome]].
10 * [[Contributors and Contributing Organizations>>Community.Contributing]] are rewarded for their contributions in commit messages and by being listed in the [[Hall of Fame>>Community.HallOfFame]].
11 * Contributing Organizations sponsoring the XCLAMS open source project are listed in the [[Supporters page>>Supporters]].
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