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Asset view and edit displays

Last modified by Ludovic Dubost on 2012/01/14 10:09

Asset view and edit displays

For creating a new asset type including it's view and edit display, you can check the How to create a new Asset Type how to.

The asset view and edit are handled by XWiki scripting. The asset type will decide which template is called. Multiple modes are available (view, edit, print). 

Current Asset Types Displayers

Composite assets

 1.1.1 Asset Type Text

1.1.1 Asset Type External links 1.1.1 Asset Type Attachments 1.1.1 Asset Type Archives 1.1.1 Asset Type Flash files 1.1.1 Asset Type Images 1.1.1 Asset Type MP3 Files 1.1.1 Asset Type Video Files 1.1.1 Asset Type Viditalk

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