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Partner Meeting Notes Sept 03, 2008

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Joshua David Jen Todd

Brian - OLE

Bryan Reynard Marcos - Haikuls

Paul -Activemath, Geo

Sheng - 

RE: Define a web service API to access content.

Key use cases and approaches to create an open web services API

Simple API to access resources

Business rules and rights are maintained. Inheritance rules. Required metadata.

Brian has a set up use cases for Haikuls.

LMS but no content yet. Looking to partner.

Teacher query Curriki then link or download content. 

Teacher to submit content that would also be added to Curriki and perhaps other repositories.

No new version of Federated road map. Still following the current one. Please add notes.

XWiki.org and Curriki.xwiki.org mailing list, please join.

IDEAS Share button to Haikuls that brings user to Curriki or perhaps use API to access Curriki.

Use Partner Registration page to make it easier for the user

TAG content. 

Is the sender responsible for packaging? Need a metadata mapping schema.

Paul - Some data needs to be flexible. 

Problem happens as the metadata evolves over time.

Curriki wants to be able to allow users to align content to standards. This will change the metadata.

What form should the API take? Ideas Single proxy user. REST base interface currently. Propose both XML and JSONG? URL based, then POST or PUT XWiki requires login with cookie. Need a CORE change so a user can login into Haikuls can access users data on Curriki. Need Haikuls needs to understand that when they create a resource that they are applying open source rights when sending to Curriki.

Do you want a parallel ID or anonymous in Curriki?

What happens if you have a Curriki ID then join Haiku? 

What Business Rules do we need?

Next Steps

  • Extend API
  • What needs to change? Needs to be extended beyond AddPath requirements.
  • Use Case - Linking instead of copying. Need to define all Use Cases or at least the ones for the next version of the API.
  • Need to discuss how delete works? Who has access? When?
  • Attachments
  • What are the Business Rules that need to be maintained and added?
  • Need to define the XML Schema
  • Would be good to add Modification Dates to the API header.
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