In order to achieve some of the design objectives and meet the design requirements, the overall page layout and container approach will need to be modified. The existing fixed width layout and structure proves problematic for long term extensibility, so the ability to support variable width displays over time is needed. With this in mind the objective is to create an overall structure that is simple, logical, and extensible. All elements of the global layout should be defined in relative terms with respect to their containers, defining padding and relative position and relative size so as to utilize the correct abstract layout (the HTML structure) and consistently apply display style (the CSS that is applied).  The current basic site layout is described in the style book here:<- this will need to be updated as per below.

 The page area is here and also needs updating as per below:

General Structure

 After the refactoring the global layout will be slightly modified in that the fixed width will be implemented as a variable width with a min and a max width setting to allow for reformatting the display to specific target resolutions. Also, the layout will allow for more flexible presentation though the ability to include or exclude different elements of the layout via selection among different viewing modes: \ \


The header is unchanged from EOU1, but some refinement might be needed for localization and fro improved look over time. Style book for the header and related elements is here: 



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