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In this page we list the initiatives that use the XWiki Clams software


Curriki logohttp://www.curriki.org/ has been the original designers of the Curriki software. The non-profit corporation runs an online platform to share educational resources. Its main focus has been the primary and secondary education of the United States. 

Curriki.org is running the 1.8 branch of the Curriki server on a set of Solaris servers and behind an Apache proxy with rewrites.

More information about the project: about curriki


http://i2geo.net is the platform to share interactive geometry resources across Europe. It has been created in the Inter2Geo EU project (2007-2010). Its focus is on interactive geometry but it inherits the openness of Curriki. It aims at sharing across the cultural, language, curricular, and software boundaries that characterize the usage of ICT tools in school.

I2Geo.net is running the 1.8 branch of the Curriki server with multiple modifications so as to support multilingual topic search and a public quality framework. I2Geo.net is hosted by the DFKI gGmbH on a Solaris server.

More information about the project: about inter2geo.

Planète Sankoré


Planète Sankoré is the XWiki Clams implementation of the Sankoré Project. The Sankoré Project is a French Governmental initiative to foster digital education in the developping World. The Sankoré Project is sponsoring the Open Sankoré Project which builds an Cross Platform Digital Whiteboard Application. As part of Planète Sankoré has been developped intégration between XClams and Open Sankore. 

Planète Sankoré is running the Curriki 2.1-Next branch of Curriki, soon moving directly on Master XClams Core.

Please contribute a documentation about other XWiki Clams derivatives.

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