REST API Documentation


This document is documentation of the Curriki REST/JSON API which implements a quite complete access to the Curriki storage. The documentation has been reviewed as of Curriki 2.x in May 2011. The API is though also valid for Curriki 1.x.


Unless otherwise stated requests should simple GET or POST actions, and responses are JSON. The Curriki REST api gives access in read and write mode to assets, users, groups and metadata.

General Aspects

The entry point of most of the Curriki REST api is: http://host:port/xwiki/curriki/

The entry point of the Search of the Curriki REST api is: http://host:port/xwiki/bin/view/Search/{type}

The SVN repository for the Curriki REST api is at:

A Curriki installation also exposes the XWiki REST API which is a lower level API on the data contained in a Curriki installation.

API Methods


The Curriki REST API uses the Restlet framework and exposes Resources. The Resources are routed by the Restlet Framework. The entry point of the Router is availble here:

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