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Mistakes to Avoid on your Facebook Brand Page

Facebook has grown to become one of the most popular places to hang out. With an estimated 955 million users, businesses are refocusing their marketing efforts there towards gaining maximum outreach. Their Facebook Fan Pages can become a portal for fostering brand-consumer goodwill.

Every brand, like this service that offers advanced app store optimization, is conscious of their identity and the same holds true for their social media strategy on Facebook. Every big brand should keep these considerations in mind in order to avoid brand damage and loss of customer interest:

Don’t Sound Condescending to Your Facebook Fans

You know you are a big brand and essentially your fans also know your worth. For big brands to go ahead and shout the same on their Facebook page, it’s just plain disrespectful marketing. Avoid thumping your own chests.

Avoid ‘Tag all your friends in this picture’ actions

Not only does this hurt your credibility as a responsible brand, it also portrays you as a spammer. This can earn you some unwanted notoriety.

Do not use fonts that are an abomination for eyes everywhere

A lot of companies don’t realize that the average Facebook user’s attention span is limited. Any user-unfriendly font that you use on your images will not get your point across. After all you do want to engage your users right?

Avoid Controversies of all kinds

As a socially responsible business, your adherence to universally acknowledged norms and values is not only required but is also a necessity. Any lingering controversy can open your firm to potential lawsuits. A loss of customer confidence in your brand is also a possibility.

Maintaining a perfect Facebook fan page is not easy. But it’s not impossible either. If you can avoid these mistakes, your Facebook Fan Page can continue to run like a well-oiled machine.

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