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Mar 22 2023

Change Request 1.5 Released

I’m happy to announce the release of Change Request 1.5. This release contains a big improvment in the way comments are added to a diff in order to keep a contextual diff displayed on top of the comment, even if the diff changes over time. As part of this work, some bugs have also been fixed related to the interaction with comments.
This release also contains few other bug fixes and improvment, the full list is available there: Application Change Request 1.5. ...

Aug 13 2018

My GSOC adventure with XWiki and Dokuwiki

The project focused on improving the existing DokuWiki importer that imports instances of DokuWiki to XWiki by using some intermediate common events based on Filter Stream Framework. In the previous Dokuwiki importer module already supported basic functionalities. Improvements like support for handling unserializing of files with no metadata, lists, image-link, interwiki-link, macro support and other syntax-parser bug resolution. ...

Oct 01 2016

New Application: Release Notes

I’ve published a first version of a new app, the Release Notes Application, which can be used to manage software product release notes: Create release notes, Add changes to release notes, Generate custom reports of changes based on various filters (e.g. show me all user-related changes contained in all those versions) ...

Jun 07 2016

Tips & Tricks - Recent Blog Entries Macro

Part of an "XWiki Tips and Tricks" series, today I'd like to share a sleek macro called Recent Blog Entries that allows you to display the most recent blog posts on your wiki in a single block. ...

Your new Identity Provider: XWiki!

There are situations when you need to have separate instances of XWiki but still want to share the users among them. This article present the new XWiki OpenID Connect modules and explain how to use them. ...

May 04 2016

Create applications with XWebIDE

When you want to create a structured application in XWiki, sometimes AppWithinMinutes is not enough and you have to customize the generated pages. It is now possible to do that with the XWebIDE application, which integrates the basic features of the most famous Integrated Development Environments (IDE) like Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA, and add some tools dedicated to XWiki. ...


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