XWiki Enterprise 3.3 Milestone 2 Released

Version 1.2 by Sergiu Dumitriu on 2011/11/24

Nov 24 2011

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki Enterprise 3.3 Milestone 2. Second milestone of the XWiki Enterprise 3.3 version. The highlights of this release are:

  • a new user interface for the extension manager
  • new features for the Application Within Minutes aspect
  • a new and improved FAQ application has been committed in the platform, although it's not bundled by default in XE
  • support for exporting PDF documents for CJK languages
  • a new rendering transformation that can be used to check the status of any link encountered in the wiki

And on the developers' front:

  • support for dependency Providers, as defined in JSR330
  • a Disposable interface for singleton components which can be used to release resources when a component is being unregistered

See the full release notes for more details.


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