The XClams project would like to thank all people who have participated to the development of XClams in any manner whatsoever. They are various forms of contributions.


Some Organizations have sponsored or are actively participating or supporting to the XClams development. These are:


The Committers are the main driving force behind XClams.

The notion of active committer is defined on the Committership page.

Here are the active developers and committers.

In order to find the list of active Core committers for the past year, run the following command on all the Git repositories for the GitHub "xwiki-contrib/xwiki-clams-core" repository:

git log --all --since="1 year ago" --pretty=format:"%an" | sort -u

Note that the generated list of users also includes pull requests from non committers and need to be excluded to generate only the list of active committers.

 Flavius Olaru  XWiki SAS  XClams Committer
 Ludovic Dubost  XWiki SAS  XWiki and  XClams Committer
 Joshua Marks XClams and Curriki Committer (Curriki CTO)
 Paul Librecht  XClams  and Curriki Committer
 Todd Sherman  XClams and Curriki Committer (translations)
 Felix Tscheulin XClams and Curriki Committer
 Anca Paula Luca  XWiki SAS  XWiki Committer
 Sergiu Dumitriu  XWiki SAS  XWiki Committer

Emeritus Committers and Developpers

These are people who were once developers or committers on the XClams project.

  • affiliates
    • Alberto Buffagni
    • David Marvasti
    • David Ward
    • Guillaume Pousseo
    • Jeromy Darling
    • Joseph Oster
    • Mora Daniel
    • Niels Mayer
    • Pan Jialing
  • XWiki SAS affiliates
    • Arnaud Thimel
    • Artem Melentev
    • Cristian Vrabie
    • Jerome Velociter
    • Marius Dumitru Florea
    • Thomas Mortagne
    • Vincent Massol
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