Organizations supporting the XWiki Collaborative Learning Asset Management System

Several organizations are helping the XCLAMS open source project by supporting it or sponsoring it in some form or other. We would like to warmly thank all of them for their support!

CompanySoftwareSupport provided is the initial developper of the XCLAMS software (called Curriki at the time). hired XWiki SAS to co-develop XCLAMS on top of the XWiki Platform. The XCLAMS project has been contributed by under the LGPL licence. is the organization managing the XWiki Open Source project on which XCLAMS is based. It is also hosting most of the development tools used by the XCLAMS project.
XWiki SASxwikisas.pngFinancing developers to work on the XWiki open source project and also contributing to XCLAMS and participating to the XCLAMS community, financing the infrastructure. For more details about XWiki SAS's commitment to open source, see its Manifesto and Values.
Atlassianjira.pngFree JIRA licenses for managing the XCLAMS project
JetBrainsintellij.png Free licenses for IntelliJ IDEA Entreprise to code on the XCLAMS project in Java, JavaScript, Velocity, Groovy, XML, ...

XCLAMS Community

We are also deeply indebted to all the XCLAMS committers and contributors and the XWiki committers and contributors. If you're interested in participating check the Contributing Guide.

Thanks also to all the XCLAMS users out there who are making it worthwhile to develop XCLAMS, particularly the and projects.

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