Curriki Data Model

In version 1.8 the Data Model has been refactored in order to implement a nice and clean data model. Also the data model is extensible to support new asset types. 

The specification of the data model is available as a Word file.

Curriki Main Asset Classes

  • CurrikiCode.AssetClass: the main asset class, includes the category which defines the asset type
  • CurrikiCode.AssetLicenseClass: the licence asset class.

Curriki Asset Type Classes

  • CurrikiCode.AttachmentAssetClass: the generic attachment class, includes the file type
  • CurrikiCode.TextAssetClass: the text asset class which supports wiki syntax, html, xml, etc..
  • CurrikiCode.ArchiveAssetClass: the archive asset class which supports zip archive including html browsable archives
  • CurrikiCode.ExternalAssetClass: the external asset class for external links
  • CurrikiCode.ImageAssetClass: the image asset class for images
  • CurrikiCode.VideoAssetClass: the video asset class for images, including externally stored video like Viditalk vides

The Interactive (flash), Document types don't have an asset class associated to them.

Curriki Collection Classes

  • CurrikiCode.CompositeAssetClass: the collection asset class, supports collection, root collection and folders
  • CurrikiCode.SubAssetClass: the sub asset class to store the subassets of a collection
  • CollectionReorderedClass: the collection reordered class allowing to order items in a collection
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