XCLAMS, is the XWiki Collaborative Learning Asset Management System. Base on the XWiki Platform, it is a very powerfull Asset Management System and Social Network software for the Education Community.

XCLAMS has been initiated by Curriki.org and serves as the basis of two major K-12 Education Communities Curriki.org and Sankore.org. More XClams users in the References section.

XCLAMS exists thanks to the hard work of it's supporters. For more information about the XClams project you can view Joshua Marks' presentation on Curriki.org at Educatice 2011 in Paris, France.

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Use XWiki Clams

The best way to currently using XWiki Clams is to use Curriki.org or Planète Sankoré.

Download and Install XWiki Clams

Currently there is now download of XWiki Clams. This will come soon. To Install XWiki Clams, you will need to Build it from Source and Install it.

XClams Development Community

Welcome to the XCLAMS development community. This area is for developers of the XCLAMS software and all contributors in general.

governance.png Project Governance
How the XCLAMS project is managed.
contrib.png Contributing
Find out all the different manners in which you can contribute to the project.
debug.png Bug reporting
Report bugs you might have found in the product.
health.png Give your feedback
Tell us what you like and don't like about XCLAMS.
mail.png Mailing Lists
Discuss with the XCLAMS users and developers.
irc.png IRC
Talk with other XCLAMS users or developers in real time.
source.png Sources, Building and Installing
Find information on how to get XCLAMS sources, build and install XClams.
coders.png End-User Support
End-User support: find help about the software and how to use it.
devpractices.png Development Practices
Tools suggestion to be able to contribute to the project in good conditions.
tools.png Development Tools
A list of development tools that can be used when developing for the XCLAMS project.
coders.png Hall of Fame
Committers and developpers of the XClams project.
idea.png Design
Design space where the developers of XClams exchange and document the technical specs of XClams.
envelope.png Releases
See when and how each of the versions of XCLAMS and its predecessors have been released.
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