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6 If you upgrade from a XWiki Enterprise Manager pre 4.5 you may end up with an empty or deleted XWiki.XWikiServerClass on main wiki. To work around this you can rollback what the Distribution Wizard did on that page or just restart XWiki to let the XWiki initialization process restore that document (it's a special document created automatically if it doesn't exist).
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9 This is the release notes for XWiki Platform, XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager. They share the same release notes as they are released together and have the same version.
11 This release comes with Solr search enabled by default. The search UI has been redesigned and the search backend has been greatly improved. A new Menu application is now avaible to help you create navigation menus that ca be placed after the header or in a side panel. Beside this, a lot of bug fixes (124) and small improvements (53) make this release worth trying.
13 = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki 5.0.3) =
15 [[Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for 5.1>>]].
17 == Solr is the default search engine ==
19 We have redesigned the Solr search page to include faceted search and we improved the display of the advanced search options and the search results.
21 {{warning}}
22 In 5.1 we haven't updated yet the Search Suggest feature (a.k.a Live Search) to use Solr. It's still using the Lucene Search. You should also know that as a consequence right know we do 2 indexing: one for Lucene and one for Solr. We're planning to move the Search Suggest so Solr in XWiki 5.2
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25 {{image reference="solr-search.png" width="400px"/}}
27 The Solr search module now automatically indexes all modifications made to the wiki. A synchronization background job is started at each XWiki startup to make sure the solr index and the database are in sync (only updates what needs to be updated). The manual indexing in the administration UI should also be a lot more stable since all the actual reading of wiki documents and their indexing is now done in a safe background thread.
29 {{image reference="solr-admin.png" width="400px"/}}
31 Entities are now indexed with the list of supported locales (among the available locales). This means that if your current locale is "fr_FR" you will find all entities that you would have seen when the current locale is "fr_FR". For example if a document does not have any "fr_FR" explicit version you will still find the version you would have seen when going to that document (generally the default version of the document or the "fr" version of the document if any since the parent locale of "fr_FR" is "fr"). We call it locale inheritance.
33 See the documentation for the [[Solr Search Application>>doc:extensions:Extension.Solr Search Application]] for more details.
35 == Menu Application ==
37 We have rewritten the [[Navigation Menu Wiki Macro>>doc:extensions:Extension.Navigation Menu Wiki Macro]] and the [[Navigation Menu Config Application>>doc:extensions:Extension.NavigationMenuConfig]] into a single application that can help you create navigation menus to be displayed either horizontally as a top bar after the page header or vertically in a side panel. See the documentation page of the new [[Menu Application>>doc:extensions:Extension.Menu Application]] for details.
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41 == Miscellaneous ==
43 * When an user wants to change his password, he now has to enter his current password for more security. Live validation of his new password validity (length) has also been added.
44 {{image reference="[email protected] .png" width="400px"/}}
45 * The attachment upload input now remains visible after uploading one or more files:(((
46 {{image reference="[email protected]" width="400px"/}}
47 )))
48 * The "Send to" input from the [[Share page>>doc:platform:Features.DocumentLifecycle||anchor="HSharePagebyEmail"]] dialog displays a scope toggle when you are in a subwiki (or an workspace) that allows you to control whether the suggested users are local or global.(((
49 {{image reference="[email protected]" width="400px"/}}
50 )))
51 * We changed the dashboard to display the gadget actions when hovering the gadget.(((
52 {{image reference="[email protected]" width="400px"/}}
53 )))
54 * Moved the User Directory feature [[to an application on its own>>extensions:Extension.User Directory Application]].
55 * Moved the XWiki Syntax Help feature [[to an application on its own>>extensions:Extension.Help Application]].
56 * More documents marked as hidden by default: ##Blog.News, Blog.Other, Blog.Personal, Main.Activity, Main.MessageSenderMacro, Main.Tags, Sandbox.WebPreferences, XWiki.WebHome, XWiki.XWikiAdminGroup, XWiki.XWikiAllGroup, XWiki.SearchConfig##
57 * Added support for new Google Analytics "Universal" tracking method.
59 See the [[full list of JIRA issues>>]] fixed in this release.
61 = For Developers =
63 == Merging WARs with Packager plugin ==
65 We added a ##contextPathMapping## configuration parameter to the Packager Maven plugin to allow us to bind WAR artifact IDs to the context path where they should be extracted. Here's an example:
67 {{code language="xml"}}
68 <plugin>
69 <groupId>org.xwiki.platform</groupId>
70 <artifactId>xwiki-platform-tool-packager-plugin</artifactId>
71 ...
72 <configuration>
73 <contextPathMapping>
74 <!-- Merge the WYSIWYG editor WAR with the platform web WAR. -->
75 <xwiki-platform-wysiwyg-war>xwiki</xwiki-platform-wysiwyg-war>
76 </contextPathMapping>
77 </configuration>
78 </plugin>
79 {{/code}}
81 The Packager plugin looks for WAR artifacts in the list of dependencies. If no WAR-type dependencies are found then the following WARs are used, with the corresponding default context path binding:
83 {{code language="none"}}
84 xwiki-platform-web: xwiki
85 xwiki-platform-tool-rootwebapp: root
86 {{/code}}
88 If more WARs share the same context path then they are merged. Of course, in this case the order in the list of dependencies is important because the last WAR can overwrite files from the previous ones. When no mapping is defined for a WAR, its artifact id is used instead as context path.
90 == Upgrades ==
92 The following dependencies have been upgraded:
94 * commons-compress 1.5
95 * commons-codec 1.8
96 * diffutils 1.3
97 * Doxia 1.4
98 * Groovy 2.1.5
99 * HTMLCleaner 2.5
100 * httpclient 4.2.5
101 * JGroups 3.3
102 * jQuery 1.10.1
103 * logback 1.0.13
104 * Lucene and Solr 4.3
105 * Require.js 2.1.6
107 == Miscellaneous ==
109 Client side:
111 * We added a new [[special CSS class name>>doc:platform:DevGuide.SpecialCSSClasses]], ##useTitleAsTip##, that, combined with ##withTip##, will allow you to have a tip (place-holder) different than the initial value of the text input.
112 * A new URL parameter has been added to reference non aggregated JavaScript files: ##?minify=false##. See the [[Debugging Guide>>dev:Community.Debugging||anchor="HDebuggingJavaScript"]].
113 * A new 'jQueryNoConflict' module is available. All it does is calling ##jQuery.noConflict(false)## to prevent conflicts with Prototype.js (with respect to ##$## global variable):(((
114 {{code language="javascript"}}
115 require(['jQueryNoConflict'], function($) {
116 // Your code here.
117 })
118 {{/code}}
119 )))
121 Scripting:
123 * A new [[UI extension point>>doc:extensions:Extension.UIExtension Module]] is available: ##org.xwiki.platform.template.header.after##. See the list of [[available UIXs>>doc:extensions:Extension.UIExtension Module||anchor="HAvailableUIExtensionPoints"]] for more information.
124 * Added API to easily create a DocumentReference from a LocalDocumentReference
125 {{code language="java"}}DocumentReference documentReference = new DocumentReference(localReference, wikiReference);{{/code}}
126 * A new Velocity macro is available to display the title of a [[sheet>>doc:extensions:Extension.Sheet Module]]. Most of the times when you have a sheet you want to display some text when the user visits the sheet page and something different when the user visits a page where the sheet is applied. Up until now the solution was to write an if in the sheet title to check if the current document is the sheet. E.g.:(((
127 {{code language="velocity"}}#if ($doc.fullName == 'AppWithinMinutes.LiveTableViewSheet')LiveTable View Sheet#{else}#evaluate($doc.title)#end{{/code}}
128 This can now be written as:
129 {{code language="velocity"}}#sheetTitle('LiveTable View Sheet' $doc.fullName.equals('AppWithinMinutes.LiveTableViewSheet')){{/code}}
130 or, if the sheet has an object of type ##XWiki.SheetDescriptorClass##:
131 {{code language="velocity"}}#sheetTitle('LiveTable View Sheet'){{/code}}
132 )))
133 * Add render method in Localization module taking syntax without parameters:(((
134 {{code language="velocity"}}
135 $services.localization.render('some.key', 'xhtml/1.0')
136 {{/code}}
137 )))
138 * Added [[new ##language## and ##currentlanguage## Query Filters>>extensions:Extension.Query Module||anchor="HFromVelocity"]]
140 REST:
142 * All REST responses now specify the version of XWiki running on the server in the ##XWiki-Version## HTTP header, and the current user in the ##XWiki-User## header.
143 * You can now provide a version summary (comment) when updating a page using REST. You can retrieve the version summary either by getting the page or by getting the page history, in which case you get the summary for each page revision.
145 Backend:
147 * A new method to add a custom Job to the JobManager:(((
148 {{code language="java"}}
149 Job myjob = new MyJob();
150 this.jobManager.addJob(myjob);
151 {{/code}}
152 )))
153 * Jobs don't share the same ##ExecutionContext## anymore.
154 * A new Runnable wrapper to initialize and dispose ##ExecutionContext##:(((
155 {{code language="java"}}
156 Thread thread = new Thread(new ExecutionContextRunnable(runnable, componentManger));
157 thread.start();
158 {{/code}}
159 )))
160 * It's now possible to write Rendering Integration tests using Mockito. For example:(((
161 {{code language="java"}}
162 @RunWith(RenderingTestSuite.class)
163 @RenderingTestSuite.Scope("wiki")
164 @AllComponents
165 public class WikiIntegrationTests
166 {
167 @RenderingTestSuite.Initialized
168 public void initialize(MockitoComponentManager componentManager) throws Exception
169 {
170 componentManager.registerComponent(MockWikiModel.getComponentDescriptor());
172 // Add InterWiki Definition for links28 test
173 DefaultRenderingConfiguration renderingConfiguration =
174 (DefaultRenderingConfiguration) componentManager.getInstance(RenderingConfiguration.class);
175 renderingConfiguration.addInterWikiDefinition("knownalias", "http://server/common/url/");
176 }
177 }
178 {{/code}}
179 )))
181 Other:
183 * The WYSIWYG editor administration section has been moved from the [[Administration Application>>doc:extensions:Extension.Administration Application]] to its own module under ##xwiki-platform-wysiwyg##.
185 = Translations =
187 The following translations have been updated:
189 {{language codes="cs, da, de, es, fr, it, lv, pt_BR, ru, sv, uk"/}}
191 = Tested Browsers & Databases =
193 {{include reference="TestReports.ManualTestReportXWiki51Summary"/}}
195 = Known issues =
197 * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
198 * If you're migrating an XWiki instance using PostgreSQL or Oracle you may get [[this error>>]] (fixed in XWiki 5.2). The workaround is to remove the ##hibernate_sequence## sequence prior to starting XWiki (for the main wiki and all subwikis).
200 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
202 == General Notes ==
204 You may also want to [[import the default wiki XAR>>Main.Download]] in order to benefit from all the improvements listed above.
206 {{warning}}
207 Always make sure you compare your ##xwiki.cfg## and files with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Note that you should add so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
208 {{/warning}}
210 == GIF Silk icon set no longer available ==
212 The [[Silk icon set>>]] has always been officially provided in PNG format. However, since they use Alpha transparency, a feature not supported by Internet Explorer 6, we provided our own GIF version of the icon set, with simple transparency. Once we dropped support for IE6, we also included the official PNG version, with the goal of transitioning from the jagged GIF version to the nicer looking PNGs. The time has come to deprecate the GIF icons, so they are no longer available in the non-legacy builds of XWiki Enterprise. However, the official releases will still have the icons included for a while, so it's unlikely that this deprecation will break custom applications.
214 However, an update of the documents that still use the GIF icons is recommended. Since the base icon name is the same, all that's required is to change the extension from ##.gif## to ##.jpg## to use the right icons.
216 == User email ==
218 The data type of the 'email' property from the user profile has changed from ##String## to ##Email##, a specialized type [[introduced in 4.2>>ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWiki42||anchor="HNewfieldtypesforemailandlistofpages"]]. Unfortunately this change doesn't apply automatically when you upgrade from an older version so you have to do it your self:
220 (((
221 1. edit ##XWiki.XWikiUsers## with the class editor
222 1. delete the 'email' property
223 1. add a new property of type ##Email## named 'email' with 'e-Mail' as pretty name
224 1. save
225 )))
227 The values of both ##String## and ##Email## data types are stored in the same database table so there souldn't be any migration issues for existing users.
229 == API Breakages ==
231 The following APIs were modified since XWiki 5.0.3:
233 * Young API: New method to separate job setup from job start to put real jobs in queue.(((
234 {{code language="none"}}
235 org.xwiki.job.Job: Method 'public void initialize(org.xwiki.job.Request)' has been added to an interface
236 {{/code}}
237 )))
238 * Young API: New method to add a custom Job to the queue.(((
239 {{code language="none"}}
240 org.xwiki.job.JobManager: Method 'public void addJob(org.xwiki.job.Job)' has been added to an interface
241 {{/code}}
242 )))
243 * Needed to fix [[XWIKI-9251>>]] and the IRC Bot API is still relatively new and not a mainstream API used by lots of people.(((
244 {{code language="none"}}
245 org.xwiki.ircbot.IRCBot: Method 'public java.lang.String getWikiId()' has been added to an interface
246 {{/code}}
247 )))
248 * Young API: The URL module has never been finished and we started working on it again.(((
249 {{code language="none"}}
250 org.xwiki.url.InvalidURLException: Class org.xwiki.url.InvalidURLException removed
251 {{/code}}
252 )))

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